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Our Company Mindset, Airsplat’s Team and Crew

To many of you, AirSplat is just another airsoft and paintball online retailer. You place an order with us,  we ship it out. Simple enough.  However, if you get to catch a glimpse of behind-the-scenes action here at AirSplat, you will know that we operate with a more engaged approach. Our mindset as a company is what keeps AirSplat up and running every day, shipping out orders around the world.

We strongly rely on the concept of “teamwork.” A collaboration effort is vital from every department to ship out just one single order. Whether the order is big or small, a team of individuals are working cohesively to make sure it is completed from beginning to end.

If we ever encounter a glitch or problem, we all come together to make sure we can come up with a solution. We are mutually dependent on one another to do our jobs right. Every department is cherished for the work they do, and we are constantly reminded that AirSplat is a team effort.

Not only do we try our best to do our regular tasks well, we are constantly encouraged to perform beyond our abilities.  We set goals for ourselves and make sure they are reached.  We can only reach as far as we aim, so we always try to aim higher.

Don’t mistaken us for working robots, though. We also know how to enjoy ourselves and not take everything so seriously. We work hard to play hard. When you’re surrounded by airsoft guns all day, it’s hard not to want to fire a few rounds yourself! If you ever get the chance to visit the TacCity airsoft playground in El Monte, California, you might even find a few of us shooting our airsoft guns after work.

Check out some behind the scenes footage and pictures:

 Halloween Costume Contest
AirSplat Company Retreat – Ropes Course
Another AirSplat Company Retreat – Go Karting
Game Night at Dave & Busters
 AirSplat Company BBQ w/ Friends & Family
AirSplat Company Dinner – Buca Di Beppo

At the end of the day, AirSplat is more than just another airsoft and paintball online retailer. We are on a mission to provide everyone with affordable airsoft and paintball guns and supplies. We work hard to make sure that we’re stocked with everything a player could ever want or need, no matter their level or budget. Next time you visit our website, take a second to value all the hard work that is put into running AirSplat every day.


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