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Guest Blogger: "So You You Want To Be An Airsoft Sniper" by Prodigy

 So You You Want To Be An Airsoft Sniper

To begin with, being an Airsoft sniper is not an easy assignment. In fact, it is probably one of the most difficult roles you could possibly play. You must have the skills to maneuver the field with stealth and cunning, completely invisible to the opposing team. Your FFP, or final firing position, must be in a location where no one will see or hear your shot. Once you have the basics covered you might just have a shot at being an effective sniper. Think you can handle it?

It’s not just about your skill as a marksman. You have to have the right weapons, equipment, and camouflage to perform any necessary task. To begin with, you will need a rifle. It has to be quite, accurate, and reliable. Can you think of anything that might fall into that category without breaking the bank? You will most likely want a bolt action rifle. AEGs tend to produce far too much noise to be effective sniper’s rifles. Additionally, they are quite expensive to upgrade to a sniper-like speed. The one gun I have in mind is the UTG L96. In my experience, they are the best sniper’s rifles for beginners. They are affordable, more accurate than most rifles at in that price range, and exceed the speeds of just about every stock AEG out there. With a stock speed of about 460fps with 0.2g bbs you will be able to take out targets from more than two-hundred feet away. Using 0.3g bbs I was able to consistently hit other players at upwards of two- hundred and thirty feet, after the hop up was properly adjusted of course. After you acquire a scope for your rifle you are set, at least as far as your primary weapon.
Next, you need something to help you blend in to your surroundings. Regular camouflage will work well enough, but a professional will want something much illusive and crafty. Perhaps a Ghillie suit? They can be purchased just about anywhere or you can try to make your own. A simple net and brush you might find in your back yard will work quite nicely if you are on a budget.
Once you have those two aspects covered you can move on to your sidearm. All fields require that you have a sidearm if you are sniper. Commonly, a sniper’s minimum engagement range is one-hundred feet. If you are forced to light someone up at a range of less than that you are required to use your sidearm. The most popular choice for a back-up weapon is a pistol, more specifically a gas pistol. If you want a reliable gas pistol, one that will never fail and is extremely consistent, look into picking up a KWA handgun. However, if you would rather pass on a gas pistol there are a number of small AEGs you might be interested in. The Galaxy MP5K is a light, small, and affordable alternative to gas-powered weapons.
See? It is possible to be a sniper and not pay an arm and a leg! All you need now are the skills necessary to pull it all off. Go find an Airsoft field near you and get to work perfecting your sniper skills. Play Airsoft, and play safe

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