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Guest Blogger: "Which Role Should I Play" by Prodigy

Which Role Should I Play?

I am amazed I do not get asked this question more often. Every time I play at my local Airsoft field I see small kids with fifteen pound squad automatic weapons and adults with clear shotguns. It is best for players to know their strengths and weaknesses. That way they can fill the role that will best benefit their team.

Let’s begin by talking about playing the CQB role. If you plan to play this role you will most likely want a small and compact gun. The most common guns that I see on the field are MP5s and P90s. Those specific guns tend to shoot lower speeds and often have fast rates of fire, making them ideal for lighting players up at a close range. And yes, you probably will get shot up more frequently. That is natural when playing in close quarters with others, so you had better get used to it. In addition to a small and compact gun you will need a load out. This means you will want something other than a big and bulky plate carrier. I tend to use lighter and smaller load outs utilizing a chest rig and let platforms. Condor makes a large array of gear. There is sure to be something appealing to you.

Next up is the standard rifleman’s role. This is probably the most common role out there and nearly everyone starts out here. Pretty much every weapon from a compact M4 to a long AK47 fits into this range. In fact, I have even seen new players in jeans and gray jackets filling these roles. Playing as a rifleman is a great way for new players to become accustomed to Airsofting and how the game works. It is also a very well-rounded way to play. You end up having good range, as well as loads of armor and ammo. If you are just starting out, give being a rifleman a try.

Sniping…not for the new players. Snipers will use high power semi-auto or bolt action rifle, utilize their surroundings, and blend in. Targets will be at least one-hundred feet away making things even harder to hit. This takes practice and guts. Do you think you have what it takes?

Finally, it’s time to discuss being a squad automatic gunner. You really need muscles for this one. Most SAWs, or squad automatic weapons, weight more than fifteen pounds. That’s without ammo or a battery. Basically, you are entrusted with making sure the other team keeps their heads down whilst your compatriots maneuver to destroy the opposition.

Figure out which role you fit into and you will definitely benefit your team!

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