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AirSplat’s Memorial Day Special: Military Style M4 Airsoft Guns

In lieu of our Memorial Day promotion, we want to give you some background information on our featured M4 rifles. Adopted by the United States Army in the mid 90’s, the M4 rifle is a modern version of the M16. The M4 is a shorter and lighter version of the M16, with 80% of its part being similar. It is slated to eventually replace the M16 rifle for most combat units in the United States Army. 

This rifle is popular among soldiers and airsoft players because of its compact size, which is helpful in close-quarter combat fights. The short butt allows you to quickly raise the weapon to point, shoot, and tilt down to run through tight corners. This rifle also has a reputation of having excellent accuracy.

Another reason why the M4 has gained such popularity is because of its ability to be easily customizable. There are numerous attachments, including sight mounts, flashlights, and grenade launchers that are available. 

We’ve hand picked three M4’s that can be used at different skill levels.

For a beginner M4, we chose the XM-177 RIS Laser Light Spring Rifle. This spring M4 is great for any beginner that is just getting into airsoft. Its give the player an understanding of what an M4 is capable of, but doesn’t require a huge investment. Anyone just starting out in airsoft will find this to be a good starter piece.

For a middle level player, we chose the Boyi D-Boys M4 METAL Airsoft Gun Metal. This AEG rifle is great for intermediate to advanced users as its platforms allows for massive customization. Attachments for this AEG are readily available for any player to turn this into their own airsoft gun. It comes stocked with a removable carry handle, multi-position collapsible stock, and adjustable sights. 
For an advanced player, we chose the WE M4 Airsoft Gun Gas Blowback Rifle. This gas based rifle is great for an advanced user that wants a gun that feels realistic. The gas M4 utilizes a 30 round mag just like a real M4. Everything from the weight to the maintenance of this rifle will make the player feel like they’re in a real op.

Here at AirSplat, we do our best to assist anybody that is just starting airsoft to the more advanced players. There is always something for everybody at any skill level. Visit our Memorial Day Special blog post for more details and prices for each gun.

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