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"Charlie" and the Airsoft Factory Tour

Remember when we released several Golden Tickets last November that granted five people admission to AirSplat’s Airsoft Factory in California??  The winners received a trip to California, an exclusive tour of the AirSplat warehouse, a custom airsoft gun, AirSplat gear, and a fun day of airsoft play at the new Tac City Airsoft. On May 4th, AirSplat opened it’s doors and said, “Good morning starshine, the earth says hello” in our best Johnny Depp voice.  

When the winners arrived, they were all as excited as a kid in a candy store. But who wouldn’t be? Touring the nation’s largest airsoft retailer is a once in a lifetime opportunity! We had as much fun showing them around as they did with their new airsoft guns.

“Thank you for all your hospitality and any and all business I do regarding airsoft merchandise will most definitely be conducted through AirSplat,” says Dominic S, another Golden Ticket winner. We strive to be the best airsoft retailer in the nation and it’s because of our great customers that we are as big as we are today. Doing this contest was just another way for us to give back to our wonderful customers.

Here are some pictures from that day:

Their choice of custom airsoft guns

Our winners and the gun they chose
 Dominic S.
 Eric P.
 Grant F.
Sam S.

Their interview with AirSplat’s famous YouTube star Jake

Tour of AirSplat offices (that AirSplat poster is made entirely of BB’s!!)

Playing at Tac City Fullerton

“I had a blast coming out to California and meeting your group. Seems like it’s a fun place to work.” – Eric P.

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