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April was full of Back In Stock and New Items such as the new APS M4 Airsoft Blowback AEG Rifle PR301 $164.99 and the G&G M4 GR15 RAIDER AEG Rifle Blowback TN $188.99! We also released a special Jackpot in a Box, called Jackpot in a Box #4 Easter Egg Edition! April was a big month for AirSplat videos too! We released a new MaxSplat Training, AirSplat Tech Tips, Inside the Mechbox and 3 NEW AirSplat On Demand episodes!


NEW! Airsplat CUSTOM M4 Patrol Airsoft AEG FG $334.99

NEW! APS M4 Airsoft Blowback AEG Rifle PR301 $164.99

NEW! JG M16 Vietnam Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle 18 $154.99

NEW! JG AK47 Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle 6803 $129.99

NEW! APS AK74 Airsoft Blowback AEG Rifle 206 $199.99

NEW! Airsoft Full Face SCAR Type Face Mask BK $24.99

NEW! Airsoft Full Face SCAR Type Face Mask OD $24.99

NEW! Airsoft IBH Helmet w/ NVG Mount Black $39.99


Back In Stock! ICS L86 A2 LSW Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle 86 $349.99

Back In Stock! JG M4 CQB Stubby Airsoft AEG Rifle 6625 $134.99

Back in stock!! JG M4 CQB Stubby Airsoft AEG Rifle Metal $179.99

Back in Stock! G&G M4 GR15 RAIDER AEG Rifle Blowback TN $188.99

Back in Stock! G&G Combat Machine M4 Airsoft AEG TAN $139.99

Back in stock!! ICS M4 M4A1 Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG, $229.99

Back in Stock! JG M4 SIR Airsoft AEG Gun Rifle 6613 Tan $144.99

Back in stock! JG M4A1 Airsoft Rifle AEG Metal 6604M $184.99

Back in Stock! AGM M14 Airsoft Sniper Rifle AEG MPEG OD $119.99

Back in Stock! JG M16 Airsoft Electric Gun Rifle 6607 $134.99

Back in Stock! ICS AK 47 74M Electric Airsoft Rifle AEG $249.99

Back In Stock! Galaxy MP5K PDW Airsoft Gun Rifle AEG $115.99

Back in Stock! ICS Galil ARM ICS-91 Airsoft AEG Rifle $309.99

Back In Stock! ICS Galil AR ICS-92 Airsoft AEG Rifle $289.99

Back In Stock! AIM Special Ops Edition Red/Green Sight $46.99


AirSplat Jackpot in a Box 2012 #4 Easter Egg Edition -Tons of Great Airsoft AEG Prizes and Gear!

AirSplat On Demand – WE 1911 Knight Hawk Airsoft Gas Gun Ep 97

AirSplat On Demand – WE AK74 UN Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle Ep 98

AirSplat On Demand – MAGPUL Masada AKM Airsoft AEG Rifle Ep 99

AirSplat On Demand Presents – Kristen Shoots Real Steel Guns for all the Airsoft Haters

Maxsplat Training Ep 9 – Entry Level Airsoft Guns – AEG Rifles and Spring Shotguns

Inside the Mechbox: Comparison of the KWA/JG/S&T/AIMTOP G36 Airsoft AEG Rifles Episode 29

AirSplat Tech Tips – Airsoft Grenade Maintenance for Deep Fire BB Shower/MKII/AI Impact Grenades

AirSplat Presents – Echo1 Airsoft Player Appreciation Day

AirSplat Presents – Exclusive Preview of TAC CITY SOUTH Indoor Airsoft Field – GRAND OPENING 4/28/12

AirSplat Review – Hakkotsu Hades Arrow Airsoft Mortar Launcher

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