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Month In Review – May 2012

New AirSplat Videos in May!

AirSplat Presents – Tac City Fullerton Grand Opening Airsoft Event

AirSplat On Demand – WE XM177 M4 Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle Ep 100

AirSplat Jackpot in a Box #5 Pistol Edition – Tons of Great Airsoft Pistol Prizes and More!

AirSplat’s Charlie and the Airsoft Factory Golden Ticket Contest Event

AirSplat On Demand – Umarex S&T HK G36CV Airsoft AEG Rifle Ep 101

AirSplat Presents – AirSplat Appreciation Blooper Reel and Airsoft Accessories Sale!

AirSplat On Demand – A&K AK Dragunov SVD Airsoft Spring Rifle Ep 102

AirSplat On Demand – Quick Review of the BOLT B4A1 M4 Airsoft AEG EBB Gun Rifle Ep 103

New Items!

CYMA Boy UMP Airsoft Spring Rifle 808H $17.99

CYMA Boy M4 Airsoft Spring Gun Rifle $19.99

WE G18C Airsoft Gas Blowback Gun Gen 4 $99.99

CYMA Boy G26 Spring Airsoft Gun Pistol $13.99

NEW! ZAN Headgear Glow in the Dark Face Mask $8.99

Airsoft AK47 74 RK Orange Flash Hider $9.99

Airsoft M4/M16 Flash Hider CW Thread $9.99

AIM Tactical 180 Lumens LED Flashlight G $164.99

AIM 2.5-10×40 Dual Ill. Scope w/ Laser $143.99

Back In Stock!

Classic Army P90 Airsoft AEG Rifle Black $209.99

DE AK47 Airsoft LPEG Electric Gun Rifle $89.99

TSD AGM M14 Airsoft AEG Gun Sniper Rifle $119.99

AGM 037 M4 CQB Airsoft Gun Rifle Metal $153.99

G&G Combat Machine AK47 Airsoft AEG Gun $155.99

ICS MP5 A5 RIS Airsoft Gun AEG Rifle $169.99

KJW M4 A1 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle $369.99

BOBSTER XRH Tactical Eyewear Goggles $44.99

Magpul Airsoft XT Rail Texture Panel DE $9.99

NC Star 1×30 Airsoft Red Dot Scope Sight $49.99

NcStar Mark III 3-9×42 Scope & Red Dot $169.99

JB M4 9.5 in Metal Suppressor Silencer $49.99

AirSplat Tactical Vest Sweater Hoodie $19.99

Condor Tactical Woven Scarf Black Green $7.99

ZAN Headgear Balaclava Face Mask BLK $6.99

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