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Airsoft Safety Week July 16th -20th!

We are dedicating this entire week to Airsoft Safety. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, there are always safety precautions that you must follow. The last thing you want is for somebody or yourself to get hurt.

This entire week, we will be highlighting various safety tactics from safety gear to how to play safely in teams. There will be several blog posts, a MaxSplat video and an AirSplat on Demand video. At AirSplat, we always encourage players to take caution when they are using their airsoft guns. Whether you are shooting in your backyard or at a field, there are several steps you always want to take to make sure you’re protected.

Protective Gear:
Protective gear should be used at all times, most importantly eye and face protection. While goggles or glasses is mandatory, a full face mask is often highly recommended. A full face mask will protect against facial damage to cheeks, teeth, and ears. Never shoot at anybody that isn’t wearing the proper protection or safety apparel. The covering of all exposed skin, anywhere on your body, is also highly advised.

Shooting Safety:
The safe range for firing an airsoft gun is generally between 200 and 400 FPS (feet per second). If you are firing over 400 FPS, make sure you are experienced and can accurately judge distance. You wouldn’t want somebody with a gun that can shoot 500 FPS while you’re standing 10 feet from them. The lower the FPS, the lower the impact of the hit.

Gun Cases:
A final precaution is the transportation of your airsoft gun. When bringing your gun to and from anywhere, always carry it in a case. In most places, carrying it in a case is the law. If you don’t have a carrying case, keep it in the original box that it came in. Walking outside with an exposed gun can lead somebody to believe you are carrying around a real gun.

By following these simple suggestions, you can safely enjoy airsoft without harming yourself or others around you. Airsoft is not a dangerous sport if everybody agrees and follows the agreed upon guidelines. Just as you would not recklessly use a real firearm, the same holds true for an airsoft gun. Always practice common sense while you are dealing with airsoft guns.

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