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Airsoft University: Airsoft Gun Diagrams & Definitions

This part of Airsoft University provides general airsoft gun information and definitions. You can find definitions and diagrams of various airsoft guns and internal parts. Not sure how to use a Gas Airsoft Pistol? No worries, refer to our Airsoft Diagrams page for exact instructions on how to load the gas.

For those of you that are interested in learning the internal workings of your airsoft gun, Airsoft Diagrams has pictures that label the different pieces that make up an airsoft gun. This is especially useful if you are looking to do any type of internal upgrades.

Don’t forget to learn all the terms and definitions that go along with an airsoft gun. Knowing these terms is crucial to becoming a good airsoft player. If you are an entry level player, this page will teach you the difference between a spring gun, gas gun, and electric gun. Be sure to refer to Airsoft University for all your trouble shooting questions. 

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