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Airsoft University: Airsoft Tactics Gear

Just like a good airsoft gun, every player needs a quality gear set-up.  The Airsoft Tactics Gear page in Airsoft University gives you more information on how to select, utilize, and employ airsoft gear. For somebody to take you seriously while on the field, you don’t want to show up in just a t-shirt and jeans. Come equipped with camo gear, vest, etc and your opponents will know you’re ready for battle.
Some of the topics you can find on the Airsoft Tactics Gear page are:
  • Vest/Rig Kit Set Up
  • Gun Selection
  • Uniform & Camouflage
  • Special Equipment
  • Proper Grip
  • Shooting Positions
  • Moving With Your Weapon 
There is so much useful information to help you get set up, especially if you’re just getting into the sport. Along with pictures and written reviews, there are videos that further explain how you can better your gear. Hop on over to our Airsoft Tactics Gear page to read all about how to get the best set up.

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