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Airsoft University: Shopping Gift Guide

Are you looking to buy an airsoft gun as a gift but have no idea where to even begin? Visit our Shopping Gift Guide on AirSplat University for a thorough guide on the type of gun to buy. This is even a great resource if you’re shopping for an airsoft gun for yourself.  This page features a section for Entry Level, Hobbyist, and Enthusiast. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro player, we help you shop for the best gun.

For an entry level player, you don’t need to go off and spend $500 on a new gun. First time players are often start off with a spring powered pistol or shotgun. An entry level spring powered gun ranges from $20 to $50. These guns are no designed to be used for long term, just to get you acclimated to the airsoft scene without investing a lot of money. You wouldn’t want to spend $300 on a gun and end up not liking airsoft.

A hobbyist player is the equivalent to an intermediate player. They’ve dabbled into the airsoft world and is ready to upgrade to the next level. A mid-level electric gun is probably the best gift to get for this type of player. It is a good gun to bring to a local airsoft field or arena. The price range for a mid-level electric is between $100 and $200. A mid-level electric gun allows for a player to add upgrades to improve the quality of their gun. Gas guns are also popular among hobbyist player. Whether you’re looking for a gas rifle or gas pistol, just know that this gives the player a more realistic feel and function. They’re a bit more expensive, but a piece that they will always keep and use.

An airsoft enthusiast is similar to an advanced airsoft player. They operate at a more professional level and are always playing at fields and events on a weekly basis. These experienced players know what they want and for the most part have what they already need. Don’t worry, there are still some things that you can get for an enthusiast. Their guns probably come equipped with an accessory rail, so feel free to buy them scopes, sights, grips, lasers, flashlight or any internal upgrade parts.

Items that you can get for any level player are accessories, such as BBs, vests, googles, green gas, or even batteries. Don’t be scared of getting them the wrong thing because here at AirSplat, we offer an amazing 45 day warranty policy. They can exchange any item that they already have for something else within 45 days.

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