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AirSplat Safety Week – Spotting the Difference

Airsoft guns can look very much like real firearms, but the only distinguishing factor is the orange tip. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between the two, which is why having an orange tip is mandatory on all airsoft guns. The last thing you want is a for a police officer to think you’re holding a real gun and not an airsoft gun.

Without the orange tip, can you spot the difference?

Rifle: the one on the left is an airsoft gun, the one on the right is a real gun
Pistol: the one on the left is an airsoft gun, the one on the right is a real gun
Sniper: the one on the left is a real gun, the one on the right is an airsoft gun

How many did you guess correctly? I bet it was pretty hard to tell the difference between real and airsoft when there isn’t an orange tip. Imagine this scenario, you are out on your front lawn playing with your airsoft gun and a neighbor sees you with your airsoft gun without an orange tip. There’s a pretty good chance your neighbor will call the police.

As mentioned in the last post, your airsoft gun should always be placed in a bag so nobody is mistaking you for carrying a real weapon. NEVER bring your airsoft gun to school or any public places, unless it is to an airsoft field. Playing on private property is the safest and least likely that somebody will mistake an airsoft gun for a real gun.

When you are encountered by law enforcement, always keep calm and follow their orders. Be sure to tell them the gun isn’t real and ask them what you should do. Don’t make any sudden movements and do not argue with the officers. Remember, they have a real gun and you don’t. Your attitude that you convey can mean all the difference from being arrested and being released.

By following these simple guidelines, you can safely enjoy airsoft without harming yourself or others. Don’t put yourself or others in unnecessary danger.

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