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While playing airsoft at an outdoor or indoor field, there are always certain rules to abide by. Playing in CQBs (Close Quarter Battles) can be a fun experience. For everybody to have a good time, you must all agree to follow a specific set of rules. Here are a couple of rules every player needs to know in order to play fairly.

Airsoft guns in non-playing areas:

  • Always keep your airsoft gun concealed until you reach your destination
  • Fingers must stay off the trigger at all times
  • Magazines cannot be in guns until you step on the field
  • Always keep your gun pointed down. Never point it at anyone
  • Never fire your weapon until you are on the field

While on the field:

  • Have your eye protection or face mask on before entering the field
  • Ask for permission before you do any test firing
  • All guns must shoot with a limit of 300-350 FPS (indoor), 350-450 FPS (outdoor)
  • Never shoot anybody that is within 10ft of you
  • Once you’re hit, call your hit and raise your hand
  • Do not blind shoot. Always know what you are shooting at

Game Responsbilities

  • Do not walk into a game that is already taking place, wait on the sideline
  • Do not shoot at any players from the sideline
  • If you’re hit, do not communicate with anybody still playing
  • Airsoft is a game of honor, play honestly and call yourself when you’re hit
  •  If another player is seen getting hit and they did not feel it, inform them so they can call themselves out

Most rules vary depending on the field, but these are general rules that every airsoft player should follow.  Always refer to a staff member at the field for full rules and guidelines. To ensure everybody have a good time, play fairly and honestly. If a player does not play honestly, they risk being kicked out or banned from a field.

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