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Tactical Shooting: On the move shooting support

Tactical Shooting: On the move shooting support

When you are moving on the battle field you don’t always have time to stop and get into a stable shooting position such as kneeling, sitting or prone.  In real world situations you are trained to use your surroundings and environment to your advantage.  To use objects to your advantage you must first make sure you have a clear line of sight to your target and that what you use will least hinder your ability to move your weapon system.  In tactical shooting on the move you can use walls, barriers, window sills and in some cases even your battle buddy to support your rifle so that you can successfully engage your target.

Some examples of this are:

1.       Placing your hand against the corner of a building and using your thumb and wall to support your rifle.  You can also use trees in this same manner, placing your hand on the trunk of the tree or a branch and using your thumb and the tree for support while firing.

2.       You can use any low level wall or window sill to place your weapon on to create a stable firing platform, one thing to keep in mind is that depending on where your target is, above you or below you or to the sides, you will be exposing  your head and shoulders when use these types of firing positions.

3.       When in absolute need you can also call on your battle buddy to be your support, whether he kneels in front of you and you rest your weapon on his shoulder or you have him get down and place it across his back.


Just remember when you need to create a field expedient position to give good cover fire (SAW Gunners), make that one clean shot (Snipers) or just to engage an enemy down range (Riflemen) you always have options when using your environment.

One last tip that coincides with this lesson:

Knowing the difference between COVER and CONCEALMENT.

CONCEALMENT – Hides you from your enemy but will NOT protect you from your enemy’s direct fire.
COVER – Hides you from your enemy and also will protect you from your enemy’s direct fire

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