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Airsoft University: Airsoft Tactics


Airsoft University features a page dedicated to Airsoft Tactics for different types of players and scenarios.  Learning airsoft tactics is crucial when playing in a team or on a field. Whether you’re playing in a team or on your own, this page provides great tactics on how to maneuver while playing. Some of the topics that are covered are:

  • Task Organization
  • Special Teams
  • Getting on Line
  • Breaking Contact
  • Squad Attack
  • Stopping in Hostile Area
  • Ambushes & Counter-Ambushes
  • CQB Tactics
  • Sniping Tactics
On the Tactics page you’ll find various diagrams on ambush techniques. There are so many possible scenarios that your team and the enemy can, or will, do. The best tip is to have a general plan in mind, but always be ready to adapt to a new situation. Don’t forget, communication is vital in any team situation.
Head over to our Airsoft Tactics page to get more information about each of these ambush scenarios and videos of showcasing various tactics.

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