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Thor’s favorite airsoft guns to use!

Hey Airsplat fans Thor here again with another entry.

Today I am going to be going over some of the airsoft guns I use when I am out playing alone or with my team.

Let’s start off with the big guy, THOR’S HAMMER, the Snow Wolf M82 Barret .50 cal. replica. My team and I attended Lion’s Claw XI this year and I took the Snow Wolf to play the sniper role. I am not going to lie, it gets heavy after a while of running around with it and trying to move positions quickly. About half way through the first day I started calling it the hammer of Thor, and soon after, I linked myself to it by using Thor as my call sign. It caught on with my team and from then on I was Thor. Naturally when I came to work for I carried over my call sign.
At one point during the 2nd day at Lion’s Claw XI, I was in a building and had punched a spider hole through a wall to track movement in the alley in front of me. While my spotter tracked people through the window I was eying the alleyway in front of me, I spotted someone on the corner of the left building and waited, he emerged from cover and I took my shot, he called hit and sat down. He had back up with him but they, at that point, had no idea where the shot had come from. The second man emerged from the cover of the buildings corner and I took a second shot, he called hit and dropped as well. At this point the 3rd man had an idea what was going on and when he emerged he fired wildly at the wall I was behind, nothing came through my spider hole though and I was able to drop him with my 3rd shot. Now the rest of the people behind the wall where the first three had come from had figured out what was happening and created a firing line and moved towards me, now there were pellets coming through my spider hole so I dropped my .50 and transitioned to my M4 that was laying on the ground by a second spider hole. my spotter and I took out 4 more guys with our M4’s before we decided to bug out.


My main battle rifle is an older Tokyo Marui M4 Colt replica that is no longer made, it’s my work horse. I have a mock ACOG, standard adjustable stock and my M203 grenade launcher attached to it. I have a custom paint job and due to my playing it so much it is starting to look worn and beat up just like I like. It is a pretty heavy set up and I definitely need a sling when I run it but once I get going the adrenaline kicks in and I don’t even notice it and I love keeping heads down with a 204 round Madbull grenade.
During Lion’s Claw Route 66 I made one of my favorite memories, during an engagement I was using some cars as cover and was taking fire from the cement ravine in front of me. I finely was fed up with hiding so I took a running start and slid over the hood of the car in front of me while firing, no kills on that run but it sure was fun.


One of my favorite pistols to use is my KWA UPS45 Tactical, I love the way it feeds and it is one well built pistol. I love the way it recoils and it has a very smooth trigger pull.
Recently I was playing in an abandoned building, we were playing a game called the dating game. This game is started with two or more teams and as you get shot you stop where you are and wait 30 seconds, then who ever touches you now you are on there team, so you keep going like this until its everyone versus one player. Well, I was the last player and i used my USP Tactical to take out 3 people and keep the rest at bay and it took two grenades to finally take me down.


Here some of the other guns I use on a regular basis…


Well hope you all enjoyed my stories and some info about my airsoft guns

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