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AirSplat – Airsplat Custom G3 RAS Airsoft AEG Rifle

Airsplat Custom G3 RAS Airsoft AEG Rifle

Based off the JG G3 T3K3 Platform. Our Airsoft master technician see the opportunity to turn this base AEG into an accurate & hard hitting mid to long range multi-purpose Airsoft rifle. From its already versatile railed handguard, we added a detachable bipod for a more stable shooting position for suppressive fire or taking out targets at longer distance w/ the range estimating NC Star 4X32 Range Finder QD Rifle Scope. Internally, our technician gutted the gearbox, retired the old bushings & installed the Madbull 8mm metal bushings in its place, regreased & reshimmed, installed a M120 spring, corrected the angle of engagement (AOE) & the compression to ensure every shot will be as consistent as possible for tighter groupings, not to mention long lasting operation. Together, every components on AND in this AEG will work in harmony to give its owner the best Airsoft experience & total domination out in the field.

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