Tuesday 28th February 2017,
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KRISS Vector: Real Steel vs. KWA Kriss Vector

The gun that everyone has been talking about is the KWA KRISS Vector.  What you might not know is the that the KWA KRISS Vector was designed specifically to be used as a realistic training weapon for the KRISS Arms Vector .45 Carbine.  Besides the fact that the KWA KRISS Vector does not fire bullets, the replica and its real steel brother are almost identical.

When developing the KRISS Vector, KWA meticulously studied the original and transferred over all the mechanics so that those operating the training version would have as realistic an experience as possible.  Judging by the feedback from everyone who has handled the real steel and replica versions, KWA has overwhelmingly succeeded.

Side by Side Kriss Comparison (Shot Show 2013)

The KRISS Vector by KWA  was built in collaboration with KRISS Arms to produce an accurate training platform. They a special polymer on the receiver and folding stock to help with the guns overall weight while insuring durability and strength. A realistic charging handle and functional bolt catch trains the operator proper weapon manipulation.
The KWA KRISS not only fires in both semi and full automatic modes, but also in a quick two round burst. It also includes a folding adjustable stock, flip-up front and rear sights, and threaded barrel. Utilizing both the KRISS Super V System and the KWA Force Velocity engine, the KRISS Vector by KWA provides the most realistic training experience.  Check it out on AirSplat.com now!

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