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AirSplat Jackpot Box Sniper Edition! $135 for a chance to win $500 worth of airsoft items!



You asked for it! So far we have had a pistol Jackpot Box and all of you airsofters asked ‘Where is my Sniper Jackpot Box?” Well, it’s finally here. Each Jackpot Box will come with a primary airsoft sniper rifle and a Round 1 Airsoft Scope! 45 lucky winners will also have a chance to receive a 2nd round! In addition to all these great prizes, EVERY SINGLE box will also receive some AWESOME AirSplat swag!


Primary Prizes

Odds – Price – Item

1:60 WE M14 Gas GBB Airsoft Gun Rifle WD $324.99    

1:60 WE Dragunov SVD Airsoft GBB Sniper Rifle $299.99          

2:60 Echo1 M28 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle $192.99          

2:60 KJW M700 Take Down Airsoft Gas Rifle $199.99      

10:60 JG M24 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle KH002 $109.99 

5:60 UHC Tactical 9 Spring Airsoft Rifle $159.99   

2:60 UTG L96 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle ACU $169.99   

5:60 UTG M324 Master Airsoft Sniper Rifle ACU $124.99

10:60 WELL MB05 AWM APS2 Airsoft Sniper Rifle $154.99      

5:60 WELL MB10 Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle BK $145.99

2:60 KJW M700 Police Airsoft Sniper Gas Rifle $189.99    

5:60 UTG L96 AWP Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle $159.99   

10:60 WELL VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle $99.99

1st Round

Odds – Price – Item

1:60 NcStar Mark III 3-9×42 Scope & Red Dot $169.99     

10:60 AirSplat 3-9×32 Airsoft Gun Rifle Scope $24.99       

20:60 AirSplat 3-9×32 Airsoft Gun Rifle Scope $26.99       

19:60 AirSplat 3-9×40 Airsoft Gun Rifle Scope $26.99       

10:60 AirSplat 3-9×50 Red Reticle Rifle Scope $34.99

2nd Round – 45 Lucky Winners will get a 2nd Round!

Odds – Price – Item

4:45 Voodoo Tactical 46″ Rifle Bag Case ACU $49.99       

5:45 BT Airsoft Tactical Sniper Gloves (Large) $14.99        

6:45 AirSplat Woodland Camo Ghillie Full Suit $89.99       

10:45 Airsoft Gun Round Sticky Target $5.99

20:45 GX-1000 X800 Airsoft Tactical Goggle $17.99


Price – Item

10:60 Airsoft Tactical Sniper Boonie Hat ACU $8.99

20:60 Airsoft Tactical Sniper Boonie Hat Black $8.99         

20:60 Airsoft Tactical Sniper Boonie Hat DES $8.99

10:60 Airsoft Tactical Sniper Boonie Hat MP $8.99

AirSplat 700 mL Stainless Steel Bottle $4.99           

Airsoft 6mm BIO BB 0.2g 1Kg 500 Promo $1.5     

Airsplat Warrior Tactical Wristband $0.99

There’s only a limited amount of Jackpot Boxes. Don’t wait until we sell out, buy yours now!

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