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AirSplat Sponsored Team – Airsoft Ikaika Warriors


Airsoft Ikaika Warriors (Ikaika pronounced “E Ky Kuh”) is a group of well known and respected Airsoft players based out of Washington State with team members ranging in age from 13 to 50 years of age. Our team consists of players with military, business, and non-profit backgrounds as well as those that are currently in school or in higher education. We play at least twice or more a month throughout the entire year rain, snow or shine and are made up of some of the most active airsoft players in Washington State.

We’re a brotherhood of airsoft players that are very active in the Washington and would like to do our part to help bring the Washington airsoft community to the forefront so that the nation can see that Washington should be considered for major Milsim events. We play with honor and integrity. Most of all we have fun.

The Warriors are made up of more consistently active members who want to take the team to the next level. Airsoft Ikaika Warriors has more uniform and gear requirements and practice at a more intense level to better work as a Unit at Milsim events. This Team was formed to do the more difficult of objectives at whatever event we’re participating in. The team has 7 Airsoft Warriors and will max out at 12.

Member’s call-signs:
Straw – CO
Archangel – XO

You can find us on the web at:

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