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AS Army Mission #5: Review Your Experience With AirSplat! – Over $500 in prizes!

mission 5

Greetings armies! Your duty for Mission #5 is to give an honest review about any of your previous experiences you have had with AirSplat! Your review must be unique and honest. We’re confident about our products and services and we would love others to learn about us from our loyal customers (YOU!).

Provided for you are some review sites where you can post a review about AirSplat. However, you are not limited to these sites so feel free to branch out and find some other review sites to post on!–71536.html,-118006881,15285712053365502609&dtab=2&action=open

1-Email with the links to where your reviews are located.
2-Each review must be unique and honest.
3-You cannot copy/paste the same review you have written or that another person has written onto multiple review sites.
4-Subject line must read “AirSplat Army Mission #5: ‘NAME OF YOUR AS ARMY'”
5-Provide your username(s) that you used per review on each site.
*NOTE: If any one of these five rules are not followed, your email will be disregarded*

Top Individual: ICS Upgrade Package (2 upgrade Kits + gift bag – Valued at over $300)
Top 3 Individuals: $100 AirSplat Gift Card


Deadline: July 31st

Let’s have fun promoting AirSplat!

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