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Training Alternatives: The KWA H&K USP Match Airsoft Pistol (by Tactical Network International)

Tactical Network International writes an article on how airsoft guns are now being used as training weapons by a multitude of law enforcement agencies! AirSplat has given them the H&K USP Match by KWA to test out and they commented that they were “struck by…the realism of the pistol” and the “weight and balance are correct.”

“I have never been an “airsoft guy”.  Prior to this, I had never even held an airsoft pistol, much less shot one or used one in training.  In fact, I’ve always been of the opinion, citing issues of “realism”, that the only viable option for force-on-force training was Simunitions or their competitive couterparts.  Regardless, after we recently ran an article on training during the economic down turn that featured airsoft as an option, we were approached by the guys over at who offered to send us one of their gas blowback pistols to try out.  Never being the type to turn down free stuff, we bit; and I’m honestly glad we did.  It has brought me to a whole new perspective on airsoft as a training option.”
Read the full article here!

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