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Andy Lopez Fundraiser by Airsplat – 13 Year Old Boy Killed by Police for Carrying an Airsoft Gun

andy lopez fundraiser

Andy Lopez, a 13 year old boy was recently shot and killed by police officers for carrying an airsoft gun in public in  the city of Santa Rosa, California. According to the police, Andy Lopez appeared to be walking with what they believed to be a rifle and when instructed to drop the weapon the boy did not listen and the policemen opened fire multiple times. “He’s not the kind of boy that would resist,” she told NBC Bay Area, wailing and gasping as she tried to articulate her thoughts. “He wanted to go to college and do something with his life. He would not have resisted. No way, no way. He’s not that kind of boy.” – Read more here

As one of the largest Airsoft Retailers, AirSplat is committed to educating its audience on the proper safety measures to prevent incidents like this from happening when handling airsoft guns. With this in mind, Airsplat would like to extend the most sincere condolences to the family and all the loved ones affected by Andy Lopez’s death. In honor of Andy Lopez, Airsplat will be collecting donations for the Lopez family and matching dollar-for-dollar up to $1,000 of all donations.

Moreover, AirSplat will also be dedicating a segment in its upcoming Airsoft University Workshop to gun safety and proper handling. The workshop will take place on November 1st at the Airsplat Los Angeles Retail Store and all the profits from this workshop will also be donated to the Lopez family.

Help Airsplat bring awareness to Airsoft Gun Safety and raise money for the Lopez family! 

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