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Most Loved Guns Worldwide

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Most Loved Guns Worldwide

This is a map representative of the most loved guns worldwide by country. Each country is labeled accordingly with its representative rifle, based on the popularity of the model with firearms consumers as well as the quantity issued by law enforcement and military. The M4 rifle is the most popular in the United States while the AK-47 rifle is most popular within Africa. The conclusion as to why these rifles are labeled as the most popular gun in its respective country is based on its sales and the number of rifles issued by LEA or the military.

In total there are around 40 different gun models favored and used by countries worldwide. One of the least loved guns is the Type 89, which is virtually exclusive in Japan. Another least popular rifle is the TAR21, which is the favored gun in only Thailand. Some other least favorite are the Galil (Columbia), R4 (South Africa), and FX-05 (Mexico). Overall, the most popular rifle is the AK74, covering over 13 countries from China to Mongolia to nearly all of the middle east. The second most popular rifle is an older sister to the AK74 which is the AK47. The AK47 engulfs about 75% of Africa. With those two combined, the AK74 & AK47 are the most loved rifles of the world. Falling behind as the third most popular rifle is the M16 model, which is only loved by 7 countries and serves as a mere 10% representation of all the rifles present.

The map below is color coordinated by similar rifles for quicker comprehension.

military issue rifles

Below is a list of some of the guns shown in the map:

M4 – The M4 is very common in modern day American military. The weapon of choice for most soldiers to date. This is the most commonly and frequently modified, upgraded, altered, imitated rifle to date.

G36 – The G36 and G36c rifles are very common in modern day military and video games. They’re often equipped with various barrel lengths as well as railed fore-end.

M16 – The M16 is one of the most common standard issued rifles in the military and law enforcement environment with a barrel length of 16″ to 20″ or longer.

AK-47 – The AK-47 has a barrel length from 13″ to 16″.

AK-74 – The AK-74 has a barrel length from 7″ to 12″.

FAMAS – Around 300.000 FAMAS have been delivered to French Army to equip the infantry and some other troups as the Air Commandos.

Steyr – Steyrs are very unique and recognizable design, common in modern military in militaristic video games. They feature a bull pup design for longer barrel lengths in medium sized rifles.

Galil – The Galil rifle design borrowed heavily from the AK-47 and had a modified gas diversion system similar to the AK-47 to reduce the recoil of the rifle making it easier to fire especially in automatic mode.

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