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The BIGGER & BLACKER Black Friday Sale!


The BIGGER & BLACKER Black Friday Sale at AirSplat!

AirSplat’s BIGGER & BLACKER Black Friday Sale is now here!! Get 35% off ALL ITEMS* and UP TO 80% OFF select items!!

Limit 5 guns and 5 accessories per order.

Use coupon code ‘BLACK35’ at checkout. This sale lasts for a limited time only so take advantage of these amazing discounts!

1-guns under 100-11-guns under 100-21-guns under 100-32-guns under 50-13-guns under 10-14-magazines-14-magazines-25-masks goggles-16-accessories gear-16-accessories gear-27-upgrade parts-18-airsplat pride-19-bbs-110-miscellaneous-1 10-miscellaneous-2

*Excludes certain items & manufacturers / Limit 5 guns and 5 accessories per order / Limit one unique item per order (no multiples of same item) / Cannot be combined with other promotions. Your order will be automatically adjusted if it exceeds the number of items allowed.

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