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AirSplat Army Review – G&G 1911 & Desert Eagle (Highland Home)
Writer: Tan from AS Army – Highland Home

Tan does a review on the G&G 1911 and Desert Eagle.

“Ok since I have had alil time to my self I have been going very in-depth with 2 of my pistols to figure out my load out with them. So in turn I will be doing a review about the 2 pistols, the G&G Chrome 1911 CO2 V.S. KWC/Cybergun Desert Eagle blow back. I will be comparing them side by side.

First thing alot of Airsofters will look for in a pistol is FPS. Depending on how and where you play will decide what area of FPS you need to be at. The G&G 1911 swings big with a 450 fps and with a range of 180-200 feet as per the box specs. With the fresh Co2 in the mag I chrono around the first one in the 445 area and the next 6 in the 420-440 range. I unloaded the last 9 and the last one came up at 387. Still had enough co2 and loaded 16 more rounds. This mag was in the 320-380 range. Still kicked hard so loaded up another mag. This is where the blow back starts falling short and not re cocking the gun and fps drops off real bad. This mag had a high 312 and a low of 244. So after the second mag you may as well change CO2.

The D-Eagle comes in saying shooting 290-340 fps with a range of 70-120 feet. First bb out the gun 347. The next few stayed in the 340 range. Unloaded the mag and last bb FPS was 304. Keep in mind the Eagle holds 25 where the G&G 1911 holds only 16. Loaded another mag into the Eagle and fps dropped off down into the mid 200’s and dropped 6 fps almost after every shot. How ever with this gun even if the co2 is low the blow back will reset the hammer. After the first mag you may as well change co2 because the bb’s are just not going to have the impact the first mag had and will throw off where to effectively aim your pistol.

Range isn’t something alot of players look at because just like real pistols, they are not made for the range compared to their rifle counter part. But pistols carry their own when it comes to range. The G&G 1911 has amazing range and accuracy. The short blow back allows for a quicker follow up shot. The Eagle just falls short. This pistol is made more for CQB 15-40 feet when you main gun goes down. The G&G 1911 feels alot better when shooting on the move in a bigger area. With range comes adjusting your hop up for your pistol. The G&G 1911 hop up is VERY easy to adjust. On the flip side the eagle hop up is inside along the outer barrel where the bb loads into the barrel. SUPER hard to adjust and requires a flash light and a very long skinny rod to turn the hop up. The G&G 1911 hop up very easy to adjust with a small hex head.

So both these pistols look very nice. The Eagle just looks mean and has a mean blow back with alot of weight behind it. When you shoot you are heard and now everyone knows where the guy with the Desert Eagle is but the Desert Eagle has something unique, A full auto setting. Yeah pistols going full auto isn’t something they may make a sale on a gun but when you need to spray and pray well this gun not only shoots them out but unloads the whole mag in just over a full second. The sound this gun makes when shot on full auto will make anyone looking toward it or around it to check for some cover because it is sick sounding. When you do that however you are now out of bb’s and no speed loader is going to help you before some one comes up to knife you. The G&G1911 is just solid as you can get. Nothing moves when you handle it and fits your hand very nicely. The handle has very rough grip so if your running around with just this out, You should be fine with the way the grip on this pistol is.

In short:

G&G 1911
Solid FPS over 40 rounds
Very accurate out to 100 feet for a man size target and down to a Baseball target at 25.
Very Easy Hop up adjustment.
Comes in Black or Chrome.
Adjustable Rear sight.
Quick Mag Release Function.
Doesn’t leak CO2 while in mag.(Tested by leaving the co2 in the gun over night then shooting it 8 hours later and checking fps.)
High FPS
Tac Rail for flash light or laser.

Long trigger Squeeze
16 rounds(make them count)
Not Ambidextrous fire/safe selector.
Inserting a new co2 is tricky and requires a good flat head screw driver.

Full Auto.
Fear Factor.
Easy Break Down.
Quick Rate of Fire.
Fun to play with.

Big FPS drop off after first mag.
Only a metal Barrel. Rest is Plastic.
Non adjustable rear sight.
Not made for small hands.

Thanks and hope this helps!”

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