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AirSplat Army Featured Article – Airsoft Upbringing
By Slim from AirSplat Army – Cromwell, CT

Story time I remember my first airsoft gun, it was a WalMart Springer made by Crossman and it FASCINATED me, but then again I was 11 Then I bought a full metal shotgun Springer, a little electric mp5, and a co2 pistol. I ended up going to school in Rhode island a year later and stopped playing for 5 years, then when I was 18 was shown the new generation of airsoft by a friend, I was blown away by how advanced such a simple concept had become. At that point I bought my first gas blowback pistol, a full metal kjw m1911, the old brown and black style suited me at the time, I was on a world war 2 kick. Eventually I purchased my first “quality” aegs, a king arms full metal m4a1, then a Swiss arms sig 552. It was like being a little kid again, playing war, so uncoordinated and disorganized, shooting wildly. Then I heard of milsim, this almost magical airsoft underworld that followed details, rules and regulations thoroughly. That’s when I found order, coordination and trigger discipline, no longer shooting to shoot, having a distinct purpose for once was nice. A few years later I landed on the Cromwell HSO team, supported by Joe, the owner of Cromwell cqb. There I pretty much found my natural habitat in close quarter skirmishes because I’ve always loved the idea of having to actively transition from my primary to secondary for tight spaces, in my opinion that’s the most exciting moment, having to teach yourself that cowbow like QuickDraw reflex. At that point in my life I really started shelling out for gear, now I’m 22, have spent over a thousand dollars on my current loadout, with another couple thousand spent on past guns and project failures. Now I run an ICS cxp .08 as a primary with maple leaf bucking and h nub, a mad bull v2 6.03mm tighbore, a lonex infinite motor, shs 13:1ratio gears, and a burst wizard king Kong super 2 mosfet with an 11.1 -20c lipo. As my secondary I use a Tokyo Marui g18c with a guarder upper frame, guarder lower frame, steel outer barrel, 150% recoil spring, 150% hammer spring and an extended 50 round mag with a high flow valve as well as a Blackhawk serpa. I wear a full carrier, battle belt, f.a.s.t helmet replica and pretty standard foam lower face mask and rated eyewear. (because dentists and optometrists are pricey). Right now I’m leaning more high-speed with a drop leg triple m4 mag pouch which just feels more cumfy. My point of this post is everyone starts somewhere, but if you put time and effort into what you really love, you too can have the load out of your dreams, get tired of it, and make another. The airsoft circle of life right?


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