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AirSplat Army Featured Article – Airsoft, What a Team Sport Should Be…..
By Allen Harugess from AirSplat Army – Lemoore-Fresno

About six months ago I was posed with the idea of getting into Airsoft. A Friend and co-worker suggested the idea to me as a way for me and my thirteen year old son to bond and share in something social to do with others. I took to the idea for a couple of reasons.

I grew up in a military family and I myself have been in the military for around 18 years now, so the idea was intriguing to me personally, but at the same time and much more importantly I needed a means to impart the sense of teamwork and team spirit that my son was lacking in his life. Es·prit De Corps if you will.

Our introduction to the sport was at a rather small and insignificant field here in California with a truly amazing team. Honestly the team made all the difference. My son and I spent the entire day on the field.

My excitement at the end of that day and the thrill of my expectation for the event set for the following Saturday were fueled that much more by my son’s. The both of us were instantly hooked.

Again it was the team that made all the difference. My son and I played three separate events with them before we were accepted onto the team. It was their way to get to know us and find out just what type of players we were. The only real thing that they were looking for in us was integrity and sportsmanship. Our gear, our skill sets and tactics didn’t matter at all.

Over that last several months my son and I have played on many fields along side our team. We have had both good and bad experiences. Coming across players who don’t call their shots is an inevitable find; although, for the most part fairly uncommon so our experiences have most always been positive and even with the few bad experiences my son still comes away from them with something positive. He sees that such a lack of integrity and honor causes problems for everyone.

Now rather than spending his Saturdays tapping on an X-Box controller he’s tapping the trigger of his Kingarms M4, taking it to the opposition. It’s funny actually. No sooner are we on the way home from the field; talking and laughing about our conquests and the glorious wounds we received in battle; that he is asking me when our next event will be and where.

His skills as a support gunner have improved dramatically, as has is self confidence. He’s beginning to understand what it means to be part of something bigger than him. Finding out what it is to work together as part of a whole and apply himself in ways he never knew he could.

Now I won’t sit here and say that the sport of airsoft was entirely responsible for his betterment; I’d like to think that I’ve had some small part in the matter, but the sport has definitely made a huge difference in the direction he’s heading and the sort of person he’s becoming.


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