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AirSplat Army Featured Article – Squad Roles in Milsim
By Brad York from AirSplat Army – Mystic, CT

While many people enjoy the sport and play for fun, stress relief, PTSD treatment, or just a way to escape for a little while one of the best aspects of the sport in my opinion is MILSIM.

While not wanting to dive into the subject of what is milsim compared to the rest of airsoft in this blog post we will save that for a later post but rather I would like to get into the various rolls of milsim and the pros and cons of each.

Your basic roles in a milsim squad are your squad leader, medic, machine gun operators, riflemen, and fire team leaders. Each of these rolls alone on the field is no more than one person with a gun but together they make a force to be reckoned with.

The squad leader
The squad leaders roll is to lead a squad comprised of 11 people including himself. His roll is critical in the squads success as he makes the decision on squad formation, approach to an objective, when and where to set an ambush, and how to set security. He keeps his squad in line focused on the task they are assigned.

Pros to being a squad leader
Valuable leadership experience practice
teaching the others in your squad from your experience
achieving objectives by employing your squad

Cons to being a squad leader
stress- while this is a con you should fully understand that it is only stressful because you don’t want to let your squad down if you make a bad call
target- many snipers and other players will aim for you primarily if they know you are the squad leader or other form of leadership in a game as a downed leader can often cause disarray within the ranks.

The fireteam leader
The fireteam leader is the person who will run a group of 5 or less within a squad for instance it may be necessary for the squad leader to break off a fire team to clear a building or hold security for a short time as the squad moves through a choke point.

Pros to being a fireteam leader
You are the go to guy- by this reference you are more than likely an experienced player that the squad leader can rely on to run the show when you are called on
great learning experience- in this role you are generally getting those needed tools to eventually step up and be a squad leader

Cons to being a fire team leader
Again stress – when you are called upon to pull your team through a building or other task it is up to you to make those decisions and lead your team which can be stressful

The machinegun operator/saw gunner/heavy weapons (all fitting terms)
The machinegun operator is the person who will carry the machine gun, lmg, and so on. His roll is to be able to provide large amounts of fire to allow the squad to maneuver and destroy the enemy. This can be one of the most important rolls on the squad if employed properly and can cause great problems if not employed properly.

Pros to being a machine gun operator
Lots of trigger time – your job is to keep heads down on the other side
cool guns – who doesn’t like machine guns?

Cons to being a machine gun operator
WEIGHT- as a machine gun operator you are carrying a big gun and lots of ammo so make sure you are in good shape for lugging the weight for hours on end
expensive- LMG’s are pricey and are very hungry so cost is a factor when running one so do your research and find the best one for your price range

The Medic
The medic is probably the most important roll in a squad in milsim. This is the guy who will keep your squad alive and moving by running around like a crazy person bandaging/healing people.

Pros to being a medic
Well protected – you usually get shot less as a medic because your squad keeps you protected
light weight – usually as a medic you run a lighter load out which is good on the pocket book and good for those long ops on the body

Cons to being a medic
less trigger time – you are usually towards the back to stay protected so you don’t get killed
a target – this is another roll in which players will try to draw you out and take you down this will cause a squad to quickly drop below combat readiness

The rifleman
The rifleman is just your run of the mill squad member this is the guy who is going to be moving to take out the enemy and makes up the majority of the squad.

Pros to being the rifleman
Trigger time – you are going to be a primary shooter as a rifleman
fulfillment – as a rifleman you will be one of the keys to success to completing a mission

Cons to being the rifleman
weight – while not as heavy a load as a LMG operator you will still be carrying a decent load with you so get some good boots and choose your load out carefully

While there is probably many more pros and cons for each of those rolls these are just the basics. As a whole all of the pros and cons tie together to make up a whole squad which when down one or two people can make a big difference in a fight to hold an objective or take an objective. It is best if you play with a steady team to let everyone play in each of these rolls so someone can take the others roll vice relying on one person every time that will set you up for failure quick and will be picked up by the enemy as soon as your first person goes down. The squad in milsim is just your basic element and the most important.


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