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AirSplat’s Airsoft Safety Tips

Most of you have probably heard about SB199. If not, SB199 is a bill that essentially classifies any BB device between 6mm and 10mm as an imitation firearm. Anyone has a chance of being fined an outstanding $10,000 if he or she possesses an imitation firearm that is not vibrantly colored. (Read more)

This bill could potentially be the downfall of the sport of airsoft and we cannot let this bill pass! As airsofters, we need to come together and spread the word about SB199 and how it endangers this sport that we all love dearly. We need to be responsible and revisit basic safety rules in airsoft and spread the word of airsoft safety to upcoming and future airsofters. This could prevent injury in the future for us in the airsoft community as well as for those looking to get into the airsoft community. Together, we can promote airsoft as a safe and responsible sport and keep this awesome sport growing!


When playing airsoft or with airsoft guns, whether on the field or in the backyard with your friends, there are some things to consider to maximize your safety and airsoft experience:

  1. Eye/Face Protection
  2. Rifle Case
  3. Gun Safety


The number one thing you should consider when playing with airsoft guns is eye protection. Though you are off the field and playing with your friends in the yard, it is the responsibility of the player to wear proper eye or face protection to prevent unnecessary accidents. Make sure that the eye protection you wear has shatter-resistant lenses to prevent from breaking if they were to get shot. To take face protection a step further, you can look into getting a full-face mask to prevent from getting shot in the cheeks, teeth, and ears. Once you have proper eye protection when playing airsoft, you can look into other accessories to protect the rest of your body, such as shemaghs (scarves to protect your neck), gloves (to protect your hands and fingers), or a padded shirt or thick sweater (to protect your body and arms).

Once you have geared up with the basics, you can look into more add-on items for your airsoft set up, such as a tactical vest to further protect your body or thick, tactical pants to protect your legs more than regular pants.


Having a rifle case or a backpack is another necessity when transporting your airsoft gun from one location to another. Having an airsoft gun exposed can put you in unnecessary danger or trouble. Even though the gun is an airsoft gun and is fake, it may resemble a real gun from a far distance. The case will not only protect your airsoft gun from damages, but it will also protect you in the long run. Keep in mind that it may be difficult at times to distinguish an airsoft gun from a real firearm so keeping your rifle concealed will keep you safe and out of danger.


To further ensure your safety, be sure to keep the orange tip attached to your rifle. Removing this tip is a Federal Offense. This allows people to know that your gun is a replica and not a real firearm. Take note that although your airsoft gun has an orange tip on it, doesn’t mean that you should be carrying it around in public. Furthermore, you definitely should not fire your airsoft gun in public unless you are at an airsoft arena or venue. These airsoft guns are still sometimes mistaken for real guns, which can put you at risk with the public or the law if you carry it in public without concealing it within a gun bag.

Airsoft Guns in Schools
You never want to bring your airsoft gun to school, even though it is concealed. All it takes is one person seeing it to cause a chain reaction of panic and disruption throughout the classroom. There may be serious consequences for bringing an airsoft gun onto school property, such as suspension, expulsion, or possibly getting arrested. Please be a responsible student and leave your airsoft guns at home.

Law Enforcement and Airsoft Guns
If a police officer happens to approach you while you have your airsoft gun and asks you to drop your weapon, just stay calm and listen to him/her. Do NOT argue and do NOT make any sudden movements. Follow all of the police officer’s orders and calmly let them know that the gun is not real and ask them what you should do. Don’t give the officer attitude; this could save you from getting arrested or reprimanded.


Remember to stay safe, follow basic procedures, and have fun with airsoft! Visit the link for more information on Airsoft Safety Tips.

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