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Bestek Power Airsoft Green Gas – AirSplat On Demand


Bestek Power Airsoft Green Gas – AirSplat On Demand

Bestek Power Airsoft Green Gas
Limited Time Sale! Only $8.99 (Original Price $34.99)

12 Gram Green Gas Refillable Cartridge

Bestek Lightening Green Gas 1000 mL
1000 ml Green Gas (HFC22) for Approx. 3500 Rounds Per Can
– DOT Approved at 115 +/- 5 psi at 70 F
– Smaller Higher Pressured Cannister for more compact solution for Airsoft Guns
– 750 mL canister of HFC-22 Green Gas for Taiwanese GBB and NBB (KWC, KJW, HFC, KWA). Use in other gas guns at your own risk as green gas is more powerful than HFC-134a gas and may cause permanent damage to airsoft guns that are recommended for use with HFC 134a

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