Tuesday 26th July 2016,
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Now Available at AirSplat! – BOLT B.R.S.S. SOPMOD M4 Airsoft Rifle


Now Available at AirSplat! – BOLT B.R.S.S. SOPMOD M4 Airsoft Rifle

The brand-new, patented design of Bolt Recoil Shock System (B.R.S.S.) is ideal for the survival game players and the collectors of militaria. One single gun can provide both realistic “kick-back” simulation of a Gas Blow Back (GBB) and the continuous shooting pleasure of an Automatic Electric Gun (AEG).

B.R.S.S. is a revolutionary design with International Patents Registered. This system simulates the recoil force of a real rifle by transferring the kinetic energy from piston to the reciprocating weight hammer inside the stock using a high efficient energy transferring mechanism. The movement of the reciprocating hammer creates the “kick” as you are firing a real rifle.

BOLT BRSS SOPMOD M4 Airsoft Rifle Tan $379.99

BOLT BRSS SOPMOD CQB Airsoft Rifle Black $369.99

BOLT BRSS SOPMOD CQB Airsoft Rifle Tan $369.99

Build Material: Aluminum / ABS
Shooting Modes: Semi / Auto
Magazine Capacity: 70md 300md 600md
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blowback: Yes
Recoil Shock: B.R.S.S.
Power: 95m/s (312fps) / 120m/s (393fps)
Power Source: 7.4V 22C / 11.1V 15C Li-Po / 9.6V Ni-mh / Ni-Cd

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