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Ogemaw County Airsoft Association Milsim Project: Operation Lioness

The Ogemaw County Airsoft Association (O.C.A.A.) wishes to bring quality Milsim/Scenario Airsoft at no cost to the player, and they need your help! They started a Milsim Project: Operation Lioness and their goal is to raise $1,500 for their cause. Their campaign started on March 25 and will CLOSE ON MAY 07, 2014 (11:59PM PT).

“Hello, I am Ogre from the Ogemaw County Airsoft Association. Let me explain a little bit about what we do, what Airsoft is, and why we have an Indiegogo campaign.

Who we are:
The Ogemaw County Airsoft Association is an non-profit organization that formed when a group of friends and I decided to start getting serious about Airsoft in the winter of 2011. We love Airsoft as a sport and wanted to expand it in Northern Michigan. We realize, as a sport or hobby, Airsoft is EXPENSIVE which is why we aim to bring free, quality Milsim/Scenario events to Northern Michigan. We have attracted players from all over Michigan to our games, some even came from Ohio to participate. We continue to grow and expand our organization every year, however we have hit one major Snag which I will explain later.

What Is Airsoft: 
Airsoft is a sport, much like paintball. However it differs in quite a few ways. Mainly, Airsoft is more realistic, with our replicas being based off of real life Military Rifles. Instead of firing huge paintballs, airsoft guns use 6mm plastic pellets, allow for guns to be more realistic and in scale to their real world counter parts. Realism is the major attraction to the sport. Many people would rather being out in a well constructed field accomplishing Military based objectives instead to a standard team death match at a speedball field. The exact Goal of Milsim in its self is to replicate Military Operations. While REC games follow the more mainstream speedball or speedsoft type games. We do Both.

Why we need donations
As I said before, we have taken it upon ourselves to do this, completely free of charge, as a result the cost has been completely covered by us. Everything we do is a labor of love for the sport. This has severely restricted us on what we can do in the past. We always aim to improve and we simply cannot do this anymore or. So we are looking to the people of the internet and the Airsoft community to donate to us. We are one of the few people in the United States that regularly put on free, quality games on a well built up field, that the average airsoft player can enjoy. We are looking to raise $1,000 to put towards hiring staff for games, buying materials and construing props. Our current project is preparing for Operation Lioness in May, which is slated to be our biggest game to date. We need funds to ensure that the game meets or exceeds the average players standard of quality. We are looking at constructing several new buildings, as well as mock artillery and SAM sites. Help us continue to Improve and innovate the world of Airsoft.

Why You Should Care:
So why should you care about what we are trying to do? Airsoft does more than just give people a good excise. It gives them a day a fun, a sense of community, to get out an socialize with other like minded individuals.It gives you an chance to discover your true self. A man who does nothing but sit behind a desk all day at work can discover and develop true leadership skills by working and learning along side other to accomplish a goal or objective. Life skills are learned on the field, as well as life time connections being made. Airsoft is even used as a form of therapy to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Being in a simulated combat situation will help them transition from Military to Civilian life. This is recognized by many former military members, many of whom participate in organizing or running Milsim game. Both Operation Lions Claws and American Milsim are ran by former Military and they are some of the biggest event hosts in the country. If you support any of that, you should support us, because we wish to further this in our country.

Other Ways you can help:
Want to help but don’t have the cash to donate? Be sure to share us on Facebook, Twitter, and any airsoft forums out there.”

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