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Should AirSplat Stock? – Devtac Ronin Tactical Ballistic Level 2A Kevlar Mask

devtac japan ballistic mask-blog

Should AirSplat Stock? – Devtac Ronin Tactical Ballistic Level 2A Kevlar Mask

devtac japan ballistic mask

“There are indeed many options out there for protecting our face but the usual problems the we encounter are numerous and often it is unforgiving. We try to solve each of those problems by applying technology, engineering, and absolute consideration of design to cater to our very needs. Our frustration when we buy gears to protect our masks comes from lack of usability, size, fogging issues, low vision and most of all lack of design. Design, whether it is aesthetics, internals, usability, electronics, interventions, communication, we will try to consider every part of it for the total experience and product.

Every single part of this mask has a story and was carefully thought through. starting with the patent pending lens frames, I have always been frustrated with the low vision of mesh lenses and seriously not fond of polycarbonate lens fogging up as well. So after a long research and trial and error we have integrated a micro jet fans into the frames facing the lens from the top facing down to create a coanda aerodynamics effect that will only need a low amount of air to prevent the lens from fogging up . the size of the lens frames is just perfect for the microjet fans. We also installed a speed dial and reverse and forward switch to give the user more options for different types of weather.
I designed a detachable lens frames to be as ergonomic as possible. It can be easily replaced, it gives less vibration to the mask and a lot easier to clean. The sliding lens frames gives the user a faster and easier way to replace or clean the lenses. and looks awesome on the mask.

This is just one of the many things i would like to share with you. There are so much more about this mask and so many other things we would like to incorporate and integrate. but without your support that would be very difficult to achieve.
therefore, Me and my team would like to ask for your help in supporting me and my team to give everyone the best there can be. We are here for the long run and we would like to help everyone and those people who share the same frustrations from products out there that only cares about mass production, sub standard design, cyclical consumption and customer manipulation.

I believe we have the talent and skills and would like to grow more and more for everyone to benefit. Please join and support us in persuing our dreams and to provide you with your dreams as well!

Wesley Shibata



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