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Pre-Order NOW! – KAC QD Airsoft Barrel Extensions

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Pre-Order NOW! – KAC QD Airsoft Barrel Extensions

MadBull Airsoft, working alongside with Knight’s Armament, is proud to present to you the QDC CQB Airsoft Dummy Suppressor. This condensed suppressor is great for enhancing your airsoft rifle’s realism and short CQB profile. The QDC CQB suppressor is unique because of its quick detach mechanism that is true to the real steel version’s form factor and function. The thread of the flash hider has been modified to fit ONLY on the airsoft version. With a 1:1 scale to the real steel suppressor, it will add more realism to your OPs.

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– Quick Disconnect Couplings for Suppressor
– Multiple ball-bearings for a solid quick detach system
– Simple twist mechanism for attach and detach
– Flash Hider with clock-wise and counter clock wise twist function
– Dominant, yet elegant, appearance
– Official KAA (Knight’s Armament Airsoft) product

Pre-Order NOW!
*KAC QD Airsoft Short Barrel Extension $79.99
*KAC QD Airsoft Long Barrel Extension $79.99



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