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“Inside AirSplat” – Video Series by Booligan Airsoft Reviews

Check out Booligan Airsoft’s video series as he takes you through the inside of AirSplat. Get to meet the employees and view the new Tac City North field!

“Inside Airsplat” Part 1 – Behind the Scenes of Airsplat and Tac City
This is the first of a three part special series where I take you i9nside AirSplat. We’ll tour their facilities, check out their customer appreciation event, and do an exclusive interview with the owner himself. In this first video, we’ll be touring the California facilities, retail store, Tac City, and interview some of AirSplat’s employees.

“Inside Airsplat” Part 2 – Customer Appreciation Event
In this video, I check out AirSplat’s Customer Appreciation event held on May 17, 2014. At this event, there were tons of games, prizes, raffles, a huge sale, vendors showing their latest goodies, sponsored teams, and a lot of really cool guns and gear to check out. They raffled and gave away over $10,000 in guns and gear. I was running on about 2 hours of sleep at this point, so forgive me if I start nonsensically rambling.

“Inside Airsplat” Part 3 – Kenneth Wu Interview – Founder of Airsplat
In this, the last part of my “Inside AirSplat” video series, I interview Kenneth Wu, founder and owner of AirSplat. We go over some questions fielded by the readers of my Facebook page, Reddit, and more. This is a long interview, but we had a lot of stuff to discuss!

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