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AirSplat @ OP: Black Shield 5


AirSplat @ OP: Black Shield 5

AirSplat had a great weekend out at Operation: Black Shield 5 at SC Village in California! AirSplat Thor was the commander of the USA team and lead the way with his other Executive Officers–AirSplat Paul, AirSplat Dove, and Todd from AirSplat Sponsored Team G.S.X. AirSplat Sponsored Team EV8 RedCell was also sent to the event and ran the entire AirSplat booth. Great job! Other AirSplat Sponsored Teams & Players attended as well, including Slender Airsoft, Molon Labe Airsoft, Callsign Ironman, CQB Russian, Adella Relentless, Honey Badger, and Alpha-Q! There were over 500+ players in attendance! AirSplat donated over $750+ in raffle prizes, goodie bags, and more to the event! Some of the raffle prizes included: $280 Apex R5 M14 Battlemod AEG Rifle, $98 Code Red Battle Zero Bone Conduction Headset M6, $95 Voodoo Tactical Discreet 30in Gun Case, $95 Flyye MOLLE Pistol and M4/M16 Magazine Pouches, $50 Flyye LB M4 Tactical Airsoft Chest Rig, and $40 Lancer TLS HalfShell Shirt Coyote M! We hope everyone had a great time out there at Operation Black Shield! Visit our Facebook album for more pictures from the event and our Events Page to view more past events.

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