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AirSplat Airsoft Summer SwapMeet & Greet II

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AirSplat Airsoft Summer SwapMeet & Greet II

The AirSplat SwapMeet & Greet II was a huge success! We had over 400+ attendees join us for an awesome day of discounts and airsoft! We had over 25+ airsoft teams come out and set up for our event, including almost all of the AirSplat Sponsored Teams and some of the local SoCal teams as well. There were over 10+ vendors with multiple game booths. Overall, there was 40+ booths set up, extending all the way down into AirSplat’s parking lot!! We couldn’t have asked for a better event, and it’s all thanks to YOU, the amazing airsoft community! The AirSplat Spin The Wheel booth contained over $1,000+ of goodies and prizes and they were all gone by the end of the day. Our Boneyard sale was also a huge success!! Hope you enjoyed walking through the AirSplat Warehouse to shop! Visit our Facebook Album for more pictures and the AirSplat Events Page for more events!

[ TEAMS: GSX, Apollo Airsoft, Vindictive Airsoft, Alpha-Q Airsoft, Molon Labe Airsoft, Slender Airsoft, RedCell, Ironman, Pink Rangers, C.V.A.T., CQB Russian, Broken Arrow, Honey Badger, Tac Fatale, Rogue Company, KYS, Raven Corp, ODG, LTD, SYG, Team A.G.O., Goon Squad, Hawaiian Tactical ]

[ VENDORS: Tac City Airsoft, Lancer Tactical, Umbrella Armory, PTS, Blackwolf Milsim, 2WheelBikes, WhatAreYouBuyen, K-Tech, Point and Destroy, Infinite Camos, BE Headwear ]

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