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New Lipo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries Coming Soon

New Lipo (Lithium Polymer) Batteries Coming Soon

The newest technology in batteries is coming to AirSplat for airsoft usage. This is exciting!! You will now be able to have a battery that is 11.1 V and a 1800 mAH capacity with a battery that is slightly shorter [...]

March 3, 2006 Airsoft - General

New Items in February

Digital Camouflage Airsoft Vests in Desert, Marine, and Universal Digital ONLY $49.95 New Well G3 SAS LPEG under Lorcin Brand shoots an astonishing 410 FPS with 0.12 g BB’s and incorporates a new self winding hi capacity magazine ONLY $59.95 [...]

February 1, 2006 Airsoft - General

The New ICS AK 47 Review

ICS AK-47 Full Size Airsoft Electric Rifle: The long awaited ICS AK-47 will be available at in 2 weeks. This full metal and full size 1/1 replica fixed stock assault rifle weighs in at whopping 10 pounds is sturdy [...]

January 26, 2006 Airsoft - General

New UTG AK 47 Tactical Warhawk Has Arrived

The long awaited AK47 has arrived! For only $129.95 [...]

January 25, 2006 Airsoft - General

New Airsoft Elite AK and T65K2

The new Airsoft Elite AK 47: The new Airsoft Elite T65K2 [...]

January 10, 2006 Airsoft - General