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Airsoft Grenades, BB Claymores, Grenade / Rocket Launchers MP7

They’re finally here! We have a great April update for everyone. We’re sure you will be just as excited as we are. Deep Fire Airsoft Grenade Launcher This is a first in the world! Supplies limited! ONLY $349.95 Escort Airsoft [...]

April 15, 2007 Airsoft - General

Another AirSplat Exclusive

SRC T91 Airsoft Electric Gun AEG Rifle ONLY $239.95 [...]

April 11, 2007 Airsoft - General

Escort Grenade and Claymore Just Arrived

Escort Airsoft M26 A1 Hand Grenade OD $54.95 Escort Airsoft M18 Claymore Grenade Mine ONLY $139.95 [...]

April 7, 2007 Airsoft - General

New Guns @ AirSplat! Version 2 Well L96 AWP 500+ FPS

We got another 40 new SKU’s this week! On top of the 30 from the last 2 weeks, we have 70 new products for your perusal. Some special ones: Version 2 of Well L96 AWP (500+ FPS) and AGM M14 [...]

March 27, 2007 Airsoft - General

Just in! The Bell G3SG1 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

ONLY $129.95 [...]

March 12, 2007 Airsoft - General