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New AE Tactical Master Hi Capa

Just arrived. Will have more information and review next week. [...]

November 17, 2005 Airsoft - General

New Airsoft Elite 0.23g and 0.25 Black BB’s

Airsoft Elite 0.23 g BB’s & 0.25 g Black BB’s at AirSplat [...]

November 13, 2005 Airsoft - General

Systema Complete Mecha Gear Boxes for MP5 and M4 / M16

Both MP5 (top) and M4 (bottom) complete mecha gear boxes next to each other. These gear boxes include a super reinforced shell and fully upgraded internal: ball bearing bushings for the gears, low resistance wiring, full set of Systema gears, [...]

November 4, 2005 Airsoft - General


ALL NEW ITEMS HAVE ARRIVED!! Systema Mecha Boxes ONLY Available at AirSplat- Systema M4A1 / M16A2 Mecha Gear Box M120 ONLY $279.95- Systema M16A2 / SR16 Mecha Gear Box M150 ONLY $309.95- Systema MP5 Mecha Gear Box M120 ONLY $279.95 [...]

November 1, 2005 Airsoft - General
New Airsoft Sniper Arrived Today

New Airsoft Sniper Arrived Today

3 New Rifles Arrived today! All eagerly anticpated! 1. HFC Mauser C-96 C96 Gas Airsoft Rifle ONLY $149.95This Gas sniper rifle shoots at over 450 FPS w/ 0.12 g BB’s 2. HFC VSR-10 Airsoft Sniper Spring Rifle ONLY $99.95This Spring [...]

October 24, 2005 Airsoft - General