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A Letter to the Readers I would like to start off by thanking everyone that has left me a comment or sent me an email saying how much they enjoy reading the blog. If for any reason you did not [...]

December 27, 2008 Airsoft Tactics & Strategies
Classic Army 15% Discount on ALL Airsoft AEG Rifles!

Classic Army 15% Discount on ALL Airsoft AEG Rifles!

All Classic Army are on sale! 15% discount on all items! Only good for until Christmas! Get them while you can! [...]

December 8, 2008 Airsoft - General

New AGM M4 CQB, M16, and more arriving this week @ AirSplat

AGM has released a new line of full metal M4′s and M16′s. The models, in order are: M4 RIS, M16 A1, M16 A3, M4 Compact CQB, M4 CQB.  A total of 5 different versions. Prices start at $139.95. AGM 032 [...]

December 6, 2008 Airsoft - General
Intro To Teams

Intro To Teams

Task Organization I have spoken in previous posts about the key essential of task organization and now I am finally going to explain what I mean by this. Task organization is defined by the means of a team leader or [...]

November 27, 2008 Airsoft Tactics & Strategies

NEW GUNS! JG P90, ICS L85, A&K LR300 Short & Long, SRC G36 K & C

Happy Thanksgiving! New guns just in time for Christmas! Don’t miss out on these great new guns! And special Black Friday Deals! JLS Beretta RX-4 STORM Airsoft Gun AEG ONLY $ 139.95VFC SCAR-H Tan Airsoft Electric AEG Gun ONLY $ [...]

November 21, 2008 Airsoft - General