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All New GHK Gas Blowback AK47s!

GHK AK47 105 Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle$299.95 GHK AK74 UN Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle$299.95 Specifications: – Velocity: 370 fps (0.20 g BB) / Range 170-190 Feet – Barrel Length: 14.5 inches / 37 cm – Magazine Capacity: 50 RoundsFeatures: – [...]

February 27, 2010 Airsoft - General
AirSplat ON DEMAND Brings You The WE 1911

AirSplat ON DEMAND Brings You The WE 1911 and Kristen do a hands on review on the new WE 1911 gas blowback pistols. These are essentially the same as the highly acclaimed WE 1911, but with different external features and colors. [...]

February 26, 2010 Airsoft - General
Handful of Death: Part 1

Handful of Death: Part 1

Ok, so some of you may have heard me ranting about the Magpul FMG-9. Basically, it looks like something totally innocent, and then unfolds into a fist full of full automatic fury. Its built around the Glock 18 which the [...]

February 24, 2010 Airsoft Tactics & Strategies

New Bought @ AirSplat section!

Check out this page for many Airsoft guns in Hollywood, bought right here at! [...]

February 23, 2010 Airsoft - General

Ares One: Part Two

Ok, so it was back to the lab again. After a recent epic fail last weekend, I was really forced to start from scratch. While attempting to zero my rifle, a bb got jammed in the barrel and the back [...]

February 23, 2010 Airsoft Tactics & Strategies