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Airsoft Pacific Closed Quater Combat 6

June 21-22, 2007 @ Rainier, OR [...]

May 23, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 0

New Tactics & Strategy Blog and New Guns at AirSplat

First of all, we are proud to announce that we have recruited a team of real world Special Operations Operatives to offer a free blog to al of you on Tactics, Strategies, and Real World Experiences. Please Currently avaiable is a free offer for the US Army Field Manual [...]

May 13, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 0

Required Reading

An Offer I know I said I was going to start talking about gear today, but I am still compiling good sample photos to use for that write up. Two days ago, in the last paragraph of my training timeline, I offered to email anyone the U.S. Army Field Manual [...]

May 10, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 0

War Story 1

War Story 1

The Beginning of the Saga I won’t kick right off into the lessons because that would make it seem too much like school. Back home at my unit, I am in charge of training up our guys once they get out of all the schools they attend. I put them [...]

May 9, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 74

Airsoft Grenades, BB Claymores, Grenade / Rocket Launchers MP7

They’re finally here! We have a great April update for everyone. We’re sure you will be just as excited as we are. Deep Fire Airsoft Grenade Launcher This is a first in the world! Supplies limited! ONLY $349.95 Escort Airsoft BB Claymore ONLY $139.95Made in Japan, shoots 75 BB’s up [...]

April 15, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 89