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New Airsplat on Demand Review! Kong Power LiPo Batteries and Accessories

Jake introduces our latest LiPo products! These Kong Power products have a great track record and are extremely durable!They are nice and compact and can fit almost anywhere! They pack a punch at 11.1V. The Balancer revolutionizes the way you charge LiPo Batteries! Kong Power 11.1V 1100 mAH LiPo Batt [...]

November 7, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 2,650

New Scrap Yard (used airsoft guns) all 60% OFF!

ALL AIRSOFT GUNS IN SCRAP YARD ARE MARKED 60% OFF. Airsoft guns for spare parts or fixer upper’s. These airsoft guns were previously loved and are ready to be used for spare parts or to be fixed. Most guns are still fully intact and include rails, mounts, and accessories, like [...]

October 29, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 1,280

AirSplat on Demand! First episode posted!

First episode of AirSplat on Demand featuring Jake D! This episode covers an in depth review of the ICS Sig 551 and 552. ICS SIG 552 COMMANDO Airsoft Rifle AEG ONLY $289.95 ICS SIG 551 SWAT Airsoft Gun Rifle AEG ONLY $299.95 [...]

October 24, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 670

Halloween is here! Call in to hear Hank Hill!

Halloween is only 2 weeks ago and we are getting into the spirit with a new voice prompt voice over. Give us a call and check it out! [...]

October 15, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 97

Airsoft Pacific Costume Contest!


October 14, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 0