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Jing Gong SW99-01 Sniper Rifle Has Landed!

Airsplat will have the new Jing Gong SW99-01 spring airsoft sniper rifle for sale soon! It’s an airsoft replica of the beast, the .50 BMG M95 bolt-action sniper rifle. Talk about a hard hitting gun! Snipers, we’ll keep you posted when you can start placing your orders. [...]

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SRC MP40 Coming Soon!

SRC is rolling out the hits. Just announced is their new German WWII MP40 airsoft gun. The SRC MP40 is shaping up to be one rugged airsoft gun. It’ll sport an 8mm ball bearing and a steel stamped receiver. Not to mention a fet circuit installed straight from the factory. [...]

June 24, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 542

JG P90 Box Magazine! ONLY $49.95

We’ve got the new JG P90 Airsoft Gun Box Magazine in stock! This is quite the handy little conversion for your P90 airsoft gun. No need to spend the extra dough on more unique airsoft mags if you’ve already got a stockpile of M4. Just snap on this conversion and [...]

June 23, 2009 AirSplat Airsoft - General 1,754

SRC MP5 Stamped Steel Receiver!

Forget the usual die cast metal bodies on your airsoft guns, SRC is bringing a stamped stainless steel & welded MP5 receiver to the market…just like the real steal counterparts. This robust airsoft gun will have the toughness and durability associated with stainless steel. Watch the video to see just [...]

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Link up with the Airsplat team on Facebook. Photos, events, new guns…what else could you ask for? Plus, you can connect with more buddies who love airsoft as much as you do. Add us today! [...]

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