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Some Changes This is not going to be a write up or article but just some information about the future of the blog and the recent changes. I took down our “Bio’s” we had on here because as a team we decided it would be a decent security precaution. Since [...]

July 16, 2008 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 41

Boot Overview

Footwear of the Future I have been promising gear write-ups and finally they are starting. I figured I would start at the bottom and work my way up so our first topic tonight is going to be BOOTS!! I will tell you my opinion on footwear: the goods, the bads, [...]

June 15, 2008 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 80

Happy Father’s Day! Airsoft Gun Sale!

New Items this month!ICS MP5 Plastic Series – Internally identical to regular ICS MP5′s, but ABS Body & FrameICS MP5 A4 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $154.95ICS MP5 A5 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $154.95 ICS MP5 A5 RIS Airsoft Electric Rifle ONLY $179.95VFC SCAR Light CQC / STD Airsoft [...]

June 1, 2008 AirSplat Airsoft - General 0


UK Press Release Well I am fairly excited today. This was sent to me yesterday from the RAF (Royal Air Force) public affairs office. I removed my real name for certain reasons but if you happen to catch this article elsewhere in the news, then you will learn my real [...]

May 15, 2008 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 195

New Guns for April!

NEW GUNS @ AirSplat! Well R5-RDX MP5 SD5 Airsoft Full Metal Airsoft Rifle ONLY $99.95!This is a full metal MP5! The body, receiver, and silender, are all metal. Stock and foregrip are plastic. Also MP5 A5 version available:Well R5-4MP5A5 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $99.95! Well R12 M4 RIS SD [...]

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