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Happy Father’s Day! Airsoft Gun Sale!

New Items this month!ICS MP5 Plastic Series – Internally identical to regular ICS MP5′s, but ABS Body & FrameICS MP5 A4 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $154.95ICS MP5 A5 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $154.95 ICS MP5 A5 RIS Airsoft Electric Rifle ONLY $179.95VFC SCAR Light CQC / STD Airsoft [...]

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UK Press Release Well I am fairly excited today. This was sent to me yesterday from the RAF (Royal Air Force) public affairs office. I removed my real name for certain reasons but if you happen to catch this article elsewhere in the news, then you will learn my real [...]

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New Guns for April!

NEW GUNS @ AirSplat! Well R5-RDX MP5 SD5 Airsoft Full Metal Airsoft Rifle ONLY $99.95!This is a full metal MP5! The body, receiver, and silender, are all metal. Stock and foregrip are plastic. Also MP5 A5 version available:Well R5-4MP5A5 Airsoft Electric Rifle AEG ONLY $99.95! Well R12 M4 RIS SD [...]

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BlackoutIf any of you did not know, I am currently in Iraq right now. Every time a U.S. soldier from your unit is injured or killed in action we go on what we call “Communication Blackout”. This means all the internet and phones are shut down to ensure the news [...]

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Recent Feedback

Recent Feedback

A Comment Left By: Arya I don’t know how long you guys have been into airsoft, but there are some flaws where you try to integrate real military scenarios into airsoft. In airsoft, you see your target long before you can hit them. The ambushing party will have a hell [...]

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