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Rough Outline

A Forecast Well I figured it was time I give a forecast to the readers in regards to what you can expect in the near future. Of course, there will be days when we go off on tangents and questions and such; but I would like to stick to a [...]

April 8, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 1,014

Escort Grenade and Claymore Just Arrived

Escort Airsoft M26 A1 Hand Grenade OD $54.95 Escort Airsoft M18 Claymore Grenade Mine ONLY $139.95 [...]

April 7, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 519

New Guns @ AirSplat! Version 2 Well L96 AWP 500+ FPS

We got another 40 new SKU’s this week! On top of the 30 from the last 2 weeks, we have 70 new products for your perusal. Some special ones: Version 2 of Well L96 AWP (500+ FPS) and AGM M14 both w/ Bipod & ScopeWell L96 AWP Version 2 w/ [...]

March 27, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 3,021

Just in! The Bell G3SG1 Full Metal Airsoft AEG Rifle

ONLY $129.95 [...]

March 12, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 3,662

New Airsoft Guns at AirSplat for March!

Deep Fire Precision Barrel MP7 G3SAS 182mm ONLY $18.95 AirSplat Woodland Burlap Leaves Ghillie Suit $89.95 New Line of GB / JG AEG’s $114.95 & up JG Steyr AUG Airsoft Electric AEG MPEG ONLY $114.95 JG G36C Airsoft AEG Electric MPEG ONLY $114.95 JG M16A2 Airsoft Electric AEG ONLY $114.95 [...]

March 8, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 1,064