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New Airsoft Guns at AirSplat! Happy Father’s Day!

We’ve worked very hard to bring you the newest and best in airsoft guns and have added over 80 new guns and accessories in the last 14 days. Here are some of the main eye openers. FULL METAL BOYI M4 AEG’s HAVE ARIVED!D-Boys BOYI Full METAL M4 CASV Airsoft AEG [...]

June 5, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 1

Airsoft Pacific Closed Quater Combat 6

June 21-22, 2007 @ Rainier, OR [...]

May 23, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 0

New Tactics & Strategy Blog and New Guns at AirSplat

First of all, we are proud to announce that we have recruited a team of real world Special Operations Operatives to offer a free blog to al of you on Tactics, Strategies, and Real World Experiences. Please visit: Currently avaiable is a free offer for the US Army Field [...]

May 13, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft - General 44

Required Reading

An Offer I know I said I was going to start talking about gear today, but I am still compiling good sample photos to use for that write up. Two days ago, in the last paragraph of my training timeline, I offered to email anyone the U.S. Army Field Manual [...]

May 10, 2007 AirSplat Airsoft Tactics & Strategies 2

War Story 1

War Story 1

The Beginning of the Saga I won’t kick right off into the lessons because that would make it seem too much like school. Back home at my unit, I am in charge of training up our guys once they get out of all the schools they attend. I put them [...]

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