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AS Tactical Upgrade Parts for AEG Review

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In this review we will be looking at the new AS Tactical line of upgrade parts for AEG’s. These parts are made to fit in any AEG, whether you have a Version 2 Gear Box or a Version 7, they should fit your Gear box.


First Impression:

When you get your upgrade parts they are going to be packaged one of two ways. If you purchase parts such as your piston, piston head, 18:1 gear set or a pinion gear, they will be packed in a plastic cover with a full color card backing with the AS Tactical logo. The parts will be individually wrapped in plastic to protect them. The barrels will be in a clear plastic tube, letting you see the brilliant shine of the stainless steel.

Part Spec’s:

Piston Polymer construction with full metal teeth
Piston Head Lightweight Aluminum construction in either anodized red or green
Gear Set 18:1 ratio for high torque made of precision machined and heat treated steel
Bushings 9mm precision bearings
Pinion Gear Hardened heat treated steel
Barrels Stainless steel smooth bore 6.02 inner barrel diameter

Aesthetics 5

All of the parts in the AS Tactical line are extremely pleasing to the eye, giving them a look that is not normally seen in airsoft internals.


All barrels are made of a high quality high polished stainless steel and each one is laser etched with their size and the AS Tactical logo.

Piston Head:

The piston heads come in 2 colors, either anodized red or green and are made of high quality light weight ported aluminum and as with other parts in the line, they feature the AS Tactical logo.



The high speed piston is made of a high grade polymer and has full metal teeth. The piston also features the AS Tactical logo.


Gear set:

The torque up 18:1 gear set is made of a hardened heat treated steel. The three main parts of the gear set have the AS Tactical logo along with the gear ratio laser etched on them.



The bushings are a 9 mm steel bearing with nothing marked on the parts themselves.

Pinion Gear:

The pinion gear comes singly as well as with the gear set and is made of a high grade heat treated and hardened steel.

Packaging 4.5

Though the packaging is impeccable and looks amazing, it does not give you any information beyond the fact that it is the AS Tactical line of parts. There are no labels indicating what is included with each item. Mind you if you know what you are looking for you will know what to buy, but if you are picking up parts for someone else, you may be a little lost. However, the barrels come in a clear plastic tube and you are able to read the size clearly through the tube.

Durability 5


The barrels are made of a high grade stainless steel, providing a corrosion resistant functional part to last you as long as you may need, providing you are not using them as a bats.


Piston Head:

The lightweight aluminum makes for a solid construction, rivaling the plastics found in most factory guns. At the same time, this will help keep the overall weight of your project gun to a desirable level.



The polymer used in the construction provides the same light weight feel you would get out of a factory piston. With this one you get the full metal teeth adding a higher level of durability when installing it in an upgraded gun.


Gear Sets:

The gear set is made of a heat treated hardened steel making it nearly impossible to grind out a tooth, unless installed incorrectly.


The bushings are of a steel construction and are oil-less providing a smooth operation, and long lasting performance.

Pinion Gear:

As with the gear set the pinion gear is made of the same heat treated steel providing a highly durable product that may outlast your motor.

Versatility 5

The entire AS Tactical line is TM compatible making them able to be installed in almost any airsoft AEG with a metal gear box, whether it is a Version 2 or 3. This versatility translates to the 9 different lengths of tight-bore barrels with the lengths ranging from 229mm to 650mm.


Performance 5

Overall the entire line increases the performance of most midlevel AEGs to a comparable level of brands such as Echo 1 and KWA. As you can see in the custom AK-47 our techs built, the products are able to speak for themselves.



The line from AS Tactical provides the average airsoft player with the ability to upgrade their gun to the professional level without breaking the bank. The overall construction of the components make for long lasting parts that will extend the life of any player’s AEG. As with most upgrades, they will add an additional value and power to a player’s gun.




After reviewing the AS Tactical line, I am hard press to find any cons as the product line features quality components with the player in mind. However, the only con I was able to find is with the packaging as it does not state what is included with each item.


From start to finish, the AS Tactical line is a quality line of upgrade components that any airsoft player would be lucky to have. From the light weight machined piston head to the heat treated hardened 18:1 torque up gear set.  The high quality of the AS line expands to the tight-bore inner barrel as can be seen with the various sizes and the materials used in production. You get products that just plain perform.
(Hint hint, from one airsofter to another, this is an investment worth making.)



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