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APS M4 Guardian Combat Electric Blow Back (EBB) Airsoft Rifle Review

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In this review we will go over the APS M4 Guardian Combat Electric Blow Back (EBB) Rifle. Going through this review you will see that the gun is unique to say the least. It has a look like no other. and boasts new features that have yet to be seen in the airsoft market.

First impressions:

The packaging on this gun is very minimalism, the gun comes in a plain brown box with a simple paper sleeve to mark the box. When you open it you find that the gun is well back in sort of an egg carton type of cardboard forms. Once the gun is in your hands you can tell that you have something truly special.


What’s Included:

With the gun you will receive two different manuals, one for the basic operations of the gun and the other one is for proper use of the rail system. The gun includes many accessories including the battery, charger, rail pieces and hardware for the rails, a Quick Detach (QD) sling point.


Gun Specifications:

Length Collapsed 27 ½ in / Extended 30 1/4 in
Weight Loaded 6 ½ lbs
Battery 9.6 volt 1600 mah nun-chuck
Charger Standard wall type
FPS 376 w/ .20g BB’s
ROF 10 RPS on a 9.6v
Mag Capacity 190 Rounds
Rails on upper receiver
Inner Barrel 363 mm

The Breakdown

  • Externals:  4

This gun has a very high quality external feel to it. When you hold it, you can feel the weight and you can tell that the gun is durable. It has a full metal upper and lower receivers along with the standard M4 style receivers you get a (concept) style rail system that APS lists as the “Rail Transform System” Not to mention the very well done trades from APS all over the gun.


It has a suppressor or silencer included instead of the standard flash hider. The suppressor is removable and it has 14 mm reverse threading so it will accept standard airsoft flash hiders and suppressors  As we continue with the externals we noticed that they included a “RHINO” style flip up rear sight, but they did not carry it over to the front sight. The front sight is a standard folding front sight.


This gun has a different pistol grip. It is a replica of the STARK pistol grip that flows from the Magwell and goes all the way to the back of the lower receiver. In the back of the pistol grip, you see a mounting point for the QD Sling point. You find more mounting points on the hand-guard or rail system. Out back you have a crane style stock that will allow you to store the battery as well as get a better cheek weld for aiming down the sights.


  • Power: 4

This gun is rear wired for the battery to be placed in the crane stock. This allows for better balance of the weapon, and easy battery swaps. The gun has a standard 30 mm in line 20 amp fuse and plenty of wire to allow the 6 position stock easy movement. We were able to fit two of our 7.4 1200 mah LiPo batteries and the nice thing is you would be able swap to a different battery in-game very easily.

*All testings on these guns were performed with a 7.4 LiPo battery pack.

As we continued to put the gun through its paces, we tested it for FPS and we got an average of 375 after 10 shots with AirSplat’s .20g BBs. The FPS is extremely consistent, very little variation. We were able to get a ROF of 10 rounds a second, which is not too bad when you consider this is a Electric Blow Back rifle, as it does take some of the power for the gun to cycle the EBB system.


  • Build Quality: 4.5 

The over all quality of this gun is great it has a combination of metal and polymer components, there is little to no creak or rattle. The only rattle you get comes from the crane stock which is common in M4s in general. The hand guard is very sturdy and very well installed. It is actually quite difficult to remove the hand guard in order to install the rail system. The Pistol grip is very well built, having the trigger guard built into the grip is a great feature and makes the gun a true dream to handle.

  • Internals: 4

As for the internals the gun has a full metal Hybrid version 2 gearbox with a Electric blow back system. The hybrid gearbox has a quick change spring system.  Another great feature is the full metal hop up unit, with the 363 mm inner barrel. It is a standard inner barrel at 6.05 mm. With all the great starting points for the internals you have a great base for upgrades. In my opinion you may want to disable the EBB system for optimum performance.

  • Performance:  4

This gun was able to perform to the higest expectations, providing great FPS and decent ROF. It also is very accurate out of the box, the only thing that suffered a bit was the ROF. If the gun did not have the EBB system it would have a better ROF and possibly a better FPS. We tested the gun with many different magazines to make sure that the gun feeds with most of the mags on the market.  We tested it with the Magpul 80 round PMAG, the SRC 140 round mid capacity mag, and a standard High Capacity mag from D Boys. The gun performed admirably with no feed issues.



From the metal upper and lower receivers, the polymer STARK style grip to the concept style hand guard, this gun has tons of things going for it. The trades on the gun are just flat out amazing. Giving the gun a truly complete look. It has a great price it comes in at $240.00 giving you the complete package at a good price. The internals are truly great and they give you the opportunity to change out springs as quickly as possible with the quick change spring system.


This gun does not have too many cons, I was not truly impressed with the packaging, although it will protect the gun very well during shipping. But it is not much to look at. I wish the front sight had matched the “RHINO” Rear sight instead of that standard folding front sight. The wires seem a bit thin for my taste but that is something that can be upgraded, also the selector switch seems very stiff and hard to manipulate.


The total package on this gun is great! Absolutely more pros than cons. You have all the standard quality components you would expect to see from APS, such as  full metal upper and lower receivers, a truly solid hand guard that gives the gun a different look that is welcomed in a sea of bland M4’s. The battery installs relatively easy, and keeps the balance on the gun very well. The magazine that is included is a high capacity style 190 round PMAG design. I was truly impressed with the gun in all parts it has all the features you would want with a gun of this style.  Like the Hybrid gearbox, that is a major bonus for this gun. You can go from Outdoor play to CQB in a matter of minutes.



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